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Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor WatchThe Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch is designed for a convenient heart rate monitoring without the uncomfortable straps that only a good heart rate monitor watch can give.

This watch has ECG monitoring functions. It also automatically calculates the calories that you burned during exercise with its Mio 3500 Calorie Countdown program to which it can be conveniently synched.

The Mio Heart Rate Monitor Watch displays the percentage of your maximum heart rate according to your age and gender with the use of its accurate measurement, and displays your current exertion levels.

The versatile Mio Drive Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a fully functional watch with time, date and weekday display, and also comes with five exercise timing functions with alarms. This means that you can be able to know the time of your training or workout sessions with its trouble-free countdown, count up which includes warm ups, running, walking and repetition of your workout routines.

This Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes with interchangeable watch band as wells as Mio Balance Guide for Healthy Living.

Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch Features

Below are the features that you are getting from the Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch:

  • It’s the perfect workout companion, allowing you to follow the progress of your workout with personalized heart rate, % of maximum heart rate display, and calories burned during exercise
  • Think of MIO Drive as the push you’ve been looking for to help you get and stay in shape
  • On demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Calculates calories burned during exercise
  • Visual indicator of exertion level
  • Percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Five exercise timers
  • User accessible Battery hatch
  • Interchangeable watch band
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 L x 1.25 W x .5 H inches

Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews and Rating

The Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch received an average rating 3.8 of out of 5 stars from 26 online reviewers who purchased and used the product.

Below are the Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch Pros and Cons as experienced and described by its users.

Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch Positive Reviews Summary

Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch has impressive dual timer modes which are helpful in following the run-walk program in the book. It is easy to measure your heart rate while you are performing your workout. It keeps track of your total calories burned, so you know once you burn a whole pound off.

It’s also fun to use whenever or whatever activity you’ll be engaged into. You can actually use it for the more traditional stuff like cardio and weight training, yoga sessions, washing your car since it’s water-resistant up to 30 meters, and also for downhill skiing. You would be amazed to know the amount of calories you burn. It is fun and it helps to motivate you to do more.

The Mio Drive Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a great watch as well as easy to use and convenient. This watch performs great and is like a fitness friend on your wrist which determines when you’ve gone over your calorie targets and it keps you on track. You can quickly check your heart rate without wearing a chest strap.

Additionally, all the features are easy to use. It’s sleek and fashionable. This Mio Heart Rate Monitor Watch understated design makes it a perfect choice and a perfect gift for anyone who wants great fitness tools. The red, black, and silver design is very classy and the watch itself is likely to withstand the test of time.

Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch Negative Reviews Summary

Unfortunately, Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch is never able to get a reading on a consistent basis. You could usually get a read-out when resting but you could rarely get any during exercise. The watch may indicate that it is taking a reading, but would rarely go into display mode.

The Mio Drive Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch occasionally is completely inaccurate, but most of the times, it’s just unreliable. When it does work, it’s great but it often gets dead.

You would rather spend the extra money for better model or different brand. This heart rate watch turns out to be quite disappointing because its readouts are either inconsistent or not at all.

Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch Ratings

5 Stars 38%, 4 Stars 36%, 3 Stars 4%, 2 Stars 12%, 1 Star 20%

16 out of 25 users recommend Mio Drive Heart Rate Watch. Get 8% Discount and more details of the Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch here.

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