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Mio Drive Petite Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Mio Drive Petite Women's Heart Rate Monitor WatchMio Drive Petite is a heart rate monitor in wristwatch style that’s perfectly sized for women. It helps in making your workouts count by burning up calories and raising your heart rate up.

Mio Drive Petite Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is very easy to use and it provides on-demand accurate ECG heart rate monitoring without the hassle of wearing a chest strap.

It helps to monitor your heart rate during workout so you can determine how much to decrease or to increase the level of activity.

This heart rate monitor watch has five timers for exercise. It also includes a visual indicator of the level of energy you exerted and it shows predetermined maximum heart rate percentage.

The Mio Drive Petite watch also features signature interchangeable bands which are sold separately so you can customize your heart monitor watch.

Mio’s patented calorie management total system easily tracks your calorie intake and calorie burn. This watch is color-coded and has easy to read exertion level indicator.

It also has Mio heart rate recovery time which accurately measures cardiovascular fitness.

Mio Drive Petite has 5 training timers (count up, count down, count up with warm-up, repeat and walk/run). This watch has all the necessary features you need in a heart rate monitoring device including date, time, calendar, chime, alarm and backlit display.

Included as bonus are Mio Sense Guide to Healthy Living with fitness tips, calorie tables and a watchband.


  • Wristwatch-style HRM provides ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Calculates percentage of maximum heart rate based on personal data to help you gauge your exertion levels
  • Full featured sports watch with time, date, chronograph, alarm and back light
  • Five exercise timers–Count up, Count down, Count up with warm-up, Walk/Run and Repeat
  • Interchangeable watch bands in a variety of colors sold separately; 1-year warranty

This Heart Rate Monitor watch is not a medical device so it is not intended for use in any medical or monitoring application on patient.

Consulting a physician before engaging in any physical activity is a highly recommended.

Below are the pros and cons of the Mio Drive Petite Watch as described and experienced by its users.

Users’ Positive Comments

  • I use it everyday when working out to keep track of calories burned and it tracks my progress.
  • It’s amazing how this watch reads accurately compared to the false reading of treadmills and other machines in the gym.
  • It shows the status of your body in different heart rate zones so you don’t push yourself too hard on a workout that you injure yourself.
  • This is a heart rate monitor that doesn’t require you to look at the manual every time you want to change something on there.
  • Once you start using this, you become more aware at what the levels feel like, so if you want to be exercising at 92% you know what it feels like so you can either bring your intensity up or down.
  • It is very easy to set up and use.

Users’ Negative Comments

  • Since there is no chest strap, you have to take your heart rate at several intervals during your workout to accurately calculate calories lost and such.
  • It doesn’t take your heart rate while you’re in motion. You have to literally stand still and let it go for a couple of seconds and sometimes even more to get the reading.
  • The design is not good because you have to press the buttons super harder to try and take your heart rates.
  • If you want a good monitor that tells you how many calories you’re burning, get the one with a chest strap.

Customers’ Ratings
5 Stars 34%, 4 Stars 21%, 3 Stars 0%, 2 Stars 11%, 1 Star 34%

Find out more comments and details of the Mio Drive Petite Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch here.

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