Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Polar F6 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Pink Coral) Review

Polar F6 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Pink Coral)Polar F6 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is especially designed for women with its stylish Coral Pink color. It features coded transmission that prevents crosstalk with other monitors so it becomes ideal to be used in large groups where other people might use wireless training devices which may interfere with your signal.

You can get personalized workout even in a class environment. This heart rate monitor is equipped with innovative training features which are helpful toward your exercise goals.


Zone Pointer: Polar F6 watch features audible and visible display monitor of your heart rate. It shows the target heart rate zone and displays where the current heart rate is within that zone.

Polar OwnCal: This heart rate monitor displays the amount of energy expenditure in one session of exercise. It also shows the kilocalories that you accumulated in several sessions of exercise.

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