Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Beige) Review

Polar FT40 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Beige)Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch allows you to stay within your ideal training range of intensity during workout.

It first checks your daily condition then guides you to the ideal training intensity according to your level and age. It is very important that you train at the right intensity level.

Exercising too hard may make you stop before reaching the real benefit and working out too leisurely may make you not to lose weight at all.

This watch helps you to overcome these problems by allowing you to map out a complete fitness routine.

Polar FT40 has advanced features which help you toward your exercise goals. The watch displays your heart rate, percentage of maximum heart rate with graphical zone indicator.

It has Polar Energy Pointer, Zone pointer, Polar OwnCal, Polar OwnCode and it alarms when you go below or over your target zone.

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Sportline Women’s Solo 960 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Sportline Women's Solo 960 Heart Rate Monitor WatchSportline Women’s Solo 960 Heart Rate Monitor Watch monitors your heart rate accurately with its One-Touch technology. This watch doesn’t require chest strap that can make you uncomfortable during your workout.

Sportline Solo 960 tells the numbers you need to know pertaining your training. It tells you the number of the steps you made, the calories you burned and the distance with its built-in accelerometer-based pedometer. This convenient sports watch does it all.

Determining the Heart Rate
One of the most important indicators of your overall wellness is your heartbeat. Your heart rate controls your body and efficiency of your exercise.

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MioPINK Classic Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Two Straps Review

MioPINK Classic Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Two StrapsMioPINK Classic Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Two Straps is a stylish heart rate monitor watch that’s easy to operate. It comes with a pink band that fits a woman’s wrist up to 8 inches and a bonus pink-and-black interchangeable band that fits small women’s wrist up to 6.75 inches.

This watch has patented weight management system. It doesn’t require a chest strap which can cause discomfort during workout.

It’s so easy to measure your heart rate with MioPINK Classic. Just apply two fingers to the watch and it gives you your heart rate in seconds.

MioPINK Classic watch measures the calories you burned during workout, your daily calorie balance and personalized percentage of maximum heart rate. The interchangeable watch band gives you the choice of wearing your desired color.

It includes a bonus MioSense Guide to Healthy Living booklet with tips on fitness and nutrition and a comprehensive calories and carbohydrate table. It is a full-featured sports watch with chronograph, time, alarm and backlight.

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