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Polar FT60G1 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch with G1 GPS Sensor (Black) Review

Polar FT60G1 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch with G1 GPS Sensor (Black)Polar FT60G1 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch with G1 GPS Sensor offers the smartest way to better fitness.

It helps you improve your condition and keep motivated. It first checks your daily condition then guides you to the ideal training intensity according to your level and age.

It is very important that you train at the right intensity level. Exercising too hard may make you stop before reaching the real benefit, and working out too leisurely may make you not to lose weight at all.

This watch helps you to overcome these problems by allowing you to map out a complete fitness routine.

Polar FT60G1 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor has advanced features which help you toward your exercise goals. The watch displays your heart rate, percentage of maximum heart rate with graphical zone indicator.

It has Polar Star, Zone pointer, Polar OwnCal, Polar OwnZone, Polar OwnCode and it alarms when you go below or over your target zone.

Polar FT60G1 Heart Rate Monitor also has 12- to 24-hour clock with day/week indicator, alarm with snooze, backlight, low battery indicator and Polar FlowLink connection.

What makes Polar F60G1 stand out among the heart rate monitor watches is its G1 GPS Sensor. It is also shock-resistant and runs for up to 10 hours with two AA batteries or runs up to 30 hours when an optional lithium battery is used.


  • Black women’s heart rate monitor watch with several innovative training features
  • Displays heart rate as percentage of maximum, bpm, and within target zone indicator
  • Polar Star personalized training program delivers feedback and weekly training targets
  • Includes G1 GPS sensor for measuring speed and distance during outdoor sports
  • Offers ZonePointer and Polar OwnZone modes; water-resistant to 30 meters; 2-year warranty

Polar Star Personalized Training Program: This training program gives you weekly training targets and it constantly provides feedback. The watch adapts to workout habits and guides you along without being too strict which help you efficiently in attaining your goals.

Zone Pointer: Polar FT60G1 features audible and visible display monitor of your heart rate. It shows the target heart rate zone and displays where the current heart rate is within that zone.

Polar OwnZone: Polar FT60G1 helps in guiding you through right warm-up routine and it is efficient in determining your own effective and safe heart rate zone while taking into account your specific physical condition.

Polar OwnCode: This monitor ensures a transmission which is free from disturbance on your own heart rate data through Polar OwnCode technology that blocks unwanted signals from the other heart rate monitors.

Polar OwnCal: This heart rate monitor displays the amount of energy expenditure in one session of exercise. It also shows the kilocalories that you accumulated in several sessions of exercise. It allows you to get daily or weekly exercise programs considering calorie expenditure.

Due to Polar OwnCal’s feature of tracking both the accumulated kilocalories and energy expenditure, it allows you to achieve short-term goal as well as long-term goal.

Zone Lock Mode: This feature allows you to activate a target zone in the course of your training with just a press of a button.

G1 GPS Sensor: This watch includes SIRF-lll chipset which makes it easier to measure your distance and speed. It also offers support for WAAS system. It then improves position accuracy within 3 meters.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Polar FT60G1 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch as described and experienced by its users.

Users’ Positive Comments

  • This watch has more comfortable chest strap that you can put in washing machine and clean.
  • The ‘OwnZone’ checks your heart rate before exercising and judges your heart rate zones based on cardio level. This helps prevent over training.
  • You can change all the batteries by yourself.
  • It is an attractive watch to wear around.
  • The training program in this watch keeps you from overtraining.

Users’ Negative Comments

  • You need to buy the foot pod separately for track workouts.
  • This watch only shows one number on screen. Paginating to different screens is tedious while you’re running.
  • It does not beep at each mile marker like the Garmin does.

Customers’ Ratings
5 Stars 20%, 4 Stars 60%, 3 Stars 20%, 2 Stars 0%, 1 Star 0%

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