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Sportline Solo 925W Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Sportline Solo 925W Women's Heart Rate Monitor WatchWith Sportline Solo 925W Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch, you can measure your intensity level whether you’re running in full stride or just standing still.

This monitor watch features One-Touch technology which makes the watch respond to just one touch of your finger.

Sportline Solo 925W watch efficiently counts the calories you burned during a workout and it calculates your target heart rate zone.

It doesn’t require a chest belt to provide you comfort during exercise. It is accurate, responds quickly and easy to use.

It also has 12- and 24-hour time settings, a countdown timer, out of zone alarm, a 3-beat speed sensor and a large digital backlit display.


  • 3-beat speed sensor
  • EKG accurate heart rate reading
  • Programs your heart rate zone
  • Countdown timer
  • Out of zone alarm

Patented One-Touch Technology
This technology makes the watch to quickly respond to just one touch of a finger. The watch then delivers EKG heart rate readings accurately.

This technology helps you focus on your lap or whatever else that lies ahead.

No Chest Belt
This heart rate monitor watch doesn’t require a chest belt which can make your workout uncomfortable. You don’t ever need to stand still in the middle of a workout just to measure your pulse.

Below are the pros and cons of the Sportline Solo 925W watch as described and experienced by its users.

Users’ Positive Comments

  • This watch is pretty easy to set and lots of features.
  • The support group is great and they go an extra mile in helping customers.
  • This watch seems to give reasonably accurate heart rates.
  • It fits small wrists, and has lots of other features plus decent customer service.
  • You can take heart rate while running.

Users’ Negative Comments

  • This watch doesn’t give accurate heart rate readings.
  • It is not durable. After about 3 weeks of using it, none of the buttons would work.
  • The battery is not easy to change.
  • The watch froze in the calorie calculator mode. The watch kept counting up but nothing happened when I pushed any of the buttons.

Consumers’ Ratings
5 Stars 29%, 4 Stars 13%, 3 Stars 29%, 2 Stars 0%, 1 Star 29%

Find out more comments and details of the Sportline Solo 925W Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch here.

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